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For over 12 years, we have helped mother’s lead healthier lives. This website`s madding perspective gives knowledge about how to still be healthy. Especially mothers, because they need extra care to maintain their health with leading their babies.  

The idea behind The Healthy Mummy, founded by our founder Rhian Allen, was to give new mothers a place to turn to that would be encouraging and supportive.

So, in 2010, when she was six months pregnant and realized there was no one place mothers could turn for support, Rhian quit her job, sold her home, and put every penny she had into starting a safe, encouraging, cost-effective, and healthy community-based program for mothers.

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Smoothies – Shakes

Smoothies are refreshing and energetic drink that gives you a booster. Also, maintain your health. Here are the three best smoothies which give you extra energy and boost your health. These smoothies make as per your diet plans, and if you are on a diet, you can use dairy-free smoothies, as there are more smoothies per your needs. 

  1. Premium smoothies

  2. Tummy smoothies 

  3. Dairy free smoothies

Premium Smoothies

Premium smoothies are too good for health; this is made to lose weight more healthily; Shakes for meal replacement and weight loss are made with premium whey blend, 23 vitamins and minerals, and probiotics. 

Tummy Smoothies

Tummy smoothies are the best for weight-losing persons, and many minerals include making the smoothies healthy and tasty. Premium meal replacement and weight-loss shake with whey protein, tummy complex, and probiotics. Low allergy, gut-busting, and collagen.

Dairy Free Smoothies

In dairy-free smoothies, there is not much fat because this is made for weight-losing people; Shakes for weight loss and meal replacement from Plant Blend, containing up to 23 vitamins and minerals.

Be a part of our supportive and friendly community and browse your favorite product at a discounted price. We have more and more products available for anything. Just find your solution at our store, The Healthy Mummy. 


At the Healthy Mummy AU store, you can avail of supplements and smoothies to maintain your health and diet, making you healthier. A healthier recipe can guide you and help make the foods good and healthy. We highlighted some featured products. 

  1. Weight loss smoothies 

  2. Healthy mummy activewear 

  3. All natural, targeted supplements 

  4. The healthy mummy skincare

As the largest "mums only" healthy lifestyle and weight loss program globally, we are constantly improving and evolving our program to ensure we give moms the tools they need to achieve their best physical and mental health.

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