Does Timberland UK Deliver to USA

Our goal is to empower people to positively impact the world. To achieve this, we produce exceptional products and work to improve the neighborhoods’ where we live and work. The Timberland UK story is heavily influenced by a love of the great outdoors, innovation, and hard work. Since the beginning, they have been.

Everything got underway when our company founder, Nathan Swartz, acquired a 50% stake in the Abington Shoe Company in 1952. After coming to the country as an immigrant, he worked his way up from an apprenticeship, eventually buying out his partner and bringing his sons into the company.

Is Timberland UK Delivered To USA?

Yes, we deliver in the USA from the UK; we offer the best range of delivery options to receive the products purchased on our Site. You can also choose one of those best suits your personal needs.

 We do not deliver or ship purchased items from this Site to any other destination outsides the USA other than the US territories of American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, the Marshal Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The VF Corporation owns Timberland LLC, an American outdoor footwear manufacturer and retailer established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1952. The business also offers clothing and accessories like watches, eyewear, and leather goods. In Stratham, Timberland’s corporate headquarters are located, New Hampshire.