Top Waxing Bundles Offered by Crybaby Wax

Undoubtedly, waxing can be painful whether done at home or at a spa. It seems especially painful for beginners, but proper techniques and products can make the experience more bearable. Using high-quality wax and pre- and post-wax care products can minimize discomfort and irritation. Over time, regular waxing can lead to finer, sparser hair growth, reducing pain with each session. Crybaby Wax offers an easy solution for waxing, providing professional-grade, vegan, at-home wax and organic pre- and post-care products that deliver on its promise of less pain and irritation. Crybaby Wax isn't just for those dealing with hirsutism or facial hair, it is for anyone wanting to bid farewell to unwanted hair without the usual pain and irritation. Here we have mentioned the Crybaby Wax’s top bundles.

Discover Top Bundles Offered by Crybaby Wax

Here you can explore the top bundles of Crybaby Wax, that aim to strip away the stigma of face and body hair with a better way to wax.

PCOS Facial Hair Bundle

PCOS Facial Wax Bundle is for individuals struggling with coarse facial hair due to Hirsutism or PCOS, managing unwanted hair can often be a challenging and frustrating task. Hirsutism typically manifests as thick, dark hair on various parts of the body, including the face, chest, abdomen, back, upper arms, and upper legs. Traditional hair removal methods can be time-consuming, costly, and sometimes even exacerbate hair growth. Designed to be as painless as possible, this beginner-friendly kit effectively removes thick, coarse facial hair.


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The bundle includes:


  • Pre- and post-wax care products to prevent breakouts and irritation. 

  • Features "I’m Sensitive Meltdown Vegan Hard Wax," free from mineral oil and synthetic dyes.

  • Offers Ride or Cry AHA Exfoliating Splash, which helps exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Comes with Just Cool It Calming Mango Gel, to soothe and calm the skin post-waxing.


To get a more manageable and less stressful facial hair remover experience, buy PCOS Facial Hair Bundle, for just $76.50.

Below The Belt Bundle

Discover the ultimate solution for tackling those persistent, stubborn strands below the neck with the Below The Belt Bundle. This handpicked collection of essentials is meticulously designed to handle even the toughest hair in areas such as the underarms, pubic region, and other targeted zones. Whether you are aiming for smooth, flawless results or simply maintaining your grooming routine, this curated kit has everything you need to achieve your goals. 


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The bundle includes:


  • Full On Meltdown Vegan Hard Wax, formulated without mineral oil or synthetic dyes for a gentle yet effective hair removal experience. 

  • A Wail of a Time Talc-Free Priming Powder prepares your skin for waxing, ensuring optimal results.

  • You Big Softie Finishing Oil soothes and nourishes the skin post-waxing, leaving it soft and calm. 


To get a smooth and hassle-free grooming experience, buy Below The Belt Bundle, for just $73.00.

Starter Kit

This starter kit offers everything you need in one convenient kit to home wax. Save time and avoid salon visits by mastering your hair removal routine. Whether you are aiming to go completely bare, tidy up the edges, or find a balance between the two, this kit has you covered. The firm wax effectively removes unwanted hair regardless of growth direction.

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The starter kit includes: 


  • The Get a Grip Face & Body Applicators feature three different sticks for precise waxing.

  • The Meltdown Machine offers precise temperature control and is easy to clean. 

  • Offers a grip face and body applicators.


Buy Starter Kit, and get a professional-quality waxing experience right at home, for just $80.00.


These were the top bundles by Crybaby Wax, designed to offer you the best at-home waxing experience, combining effectiveness with minimal discomfort. Whether dealing with facial hair due to PCOS, targeting tough hair below the belt, or just starting your waxing journey, Crybaby Wax has a solution tailored for you. 

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