Increasing Your Water Intake with WaterH



Many people struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, while we all know that maintaining proper hydration is essential for overall health. Here is a better solution, WaterH offers innovative and tech-enabled hydration products that make it easier than ever to monitor and increase your water intake. All the products are designed to make hydration simple and efficient. By incorporating smart technology and advanced filtration, the brand ensures that everyone can easily monitor their water intake and enjoy clean, and pure water wherever they go. The combination of functionality and innovation makes WaterH the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their hydration habits. 


Explore how WaterH can revolutionize your hydration routine and the fantastic products it offers. 

Tech-Enabled Hydration Convenience with WaterH Products

WaterH’s smart bottles come equipped with LED touch displays that allow you to monitor your water intake regularly. This technology ensures that you stay on track with your hydration goals, providing real-time data at your fingertips. 


Here are featured products from WaterH:

Chug Lid Smart Bottle 32oz 

The Chug Lid Smart Bottle is designed for those who need a reliable and tech-savvy hydration solution. Suitable for water, coffee, tea, and other beverages to keep them hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Comes with a free hydration App and syncs with Apple Health, Apple Watch, and Fitbit for comprehensive health tracking. 


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Here are some of its features: 


  • Designed with an LED touch display. 

  • Offers temperature control features.

  • The design probably weighs only 0.5 kg.

  • Measures 3.4” W x 10.9” H (8.6W x 27.7H cm). 

  • Available in 4 colors.


To Monitor your water intake directly on the bottle, buy Chug Lid Smart Bottle 32oz for just $49.99.

PureSip Vita Filtration Upgrade Kit 

You can transform your WaterH Vita into a portable water filtration system with the PureSip Vita Filtration Upgrade Kit. Come to remove lead, VOCs, chlorine, and unwanted particles from your water. 


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Key benefits include: 


  • Comes with enhanced filtration.

  • Filters up to 40 gallons (151 liters) of water, approximately two months of use. 

  • Improves the taste of water by filtering out heavy metals. 


To elevate your Vita experience, buy PureSip Vita Filtration Upgrade Kit for just $12.99.

Filtered VITA Flip Lid Smart Bottle 18oz 

For those who prefer a compact and efficient hydration solution, the Filtered VITA Flip Lid Smart Bottle is perfect. This bottle has built-in filtration and removes lead, VOCs, chlorine, and unwanted particulates. Comes with a free subscription to the WaterH App, compatible with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Apple Watch. 


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Below are more features of this product: 


  • Offers to improve water taste by filtering out heavy metals. 

  • Built-in TDS water quality sensor.

  • Available in 4 colors

  • Offers long battery life.

  • Charges wirelessly.


To affirm your commitment to self-care, buy Filtered VITA Flip Lid Smart Bottle 18oz for just $49.99.


What is the WaterH App and How does it work?

The WaterH App is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance your hydration, wellness, and performance. With in-app coaching features to help you achieve your hydration goals and optimize your well-being.

How does the PureSip connect to the app? 

To connect the PureSip to the WaterH app, simply scan the QR code on the package using the app, and it`s ready to use

How far underwater can WaterH go? 

The WaterH Smart Bottle can be submerged up to 1 meter underwater for up to 30 minutes.


These were the WaterH’s products that revealed that staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining good health. The brand makes it easier to drink better with its smart, tech-enabled bottles. WaterH offers a range of products to suit your needs for upgrading your hydration routine and experiencing the benefits of drinking more water. No more concern about drinking enough water throughout the day is challenging, drink better, and live better.

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