Top 5 Best Selling Bags by Hype

Backpacks have become an indispensable accessory in modern life. Whether you are heading back to school after summer or packing for an adventure trail, backpacks are a must. Amidst multiple options available in the market, backpacks by Hype stand apart. These backpacks offer a unique blend of style, innovation and practicality making them an ideal choice for many. 

Here, we have shortlisted the best selling backpacks by Hype that are a must have. 

Explore Most Selling Backpacks of Hype

Finding the right backpack is no heftier with Hype, the perfect spot to grab your favourite designed backpacks that elevate your style game.

Following are the top 5 best selling bags of Hype that you can opt for.

Girls Multi Rainbow Wavey Backpack

This best selling bag has an 18 litre capacity that best fits laptops, books and other accessories. Moreover, the extra strong padded straps enhance comfort and support, aiding in convenient travelling. 

Here are some other features of the Rainbow Backpack. 

  • Crafted from high quality material. 

  • Wipe clean fabric base ensures long lasting use. 

  • Multi coloured geometric patterns. 

  • Features a zip closure for secure storage. 

  • Top quality polyester inner lining. 

  • Sublimation print type for vibrant and long lasting design. 

To avail of these features shop Hype Girls Multi Rainbow Wavey Backpack, just for GBP 29.99.

Magenta Iconic Backpack

This brightest backpack is the perfect choice to carry your books and has adjustable extra strong padded straps. 

Besides the colour and comfort, here is what else to expect from the bag. 

  • Unisex design.

  • Engineered from supreme quality materials.

  • Durable and comfortable.

  • Features a zip closure for secure storage.

  • Up to 15 inch laptop storage space. 

Buy Hype Magenta Iconic Backpack with all these features for just GBP 24.99.

Olive Green Twin Handle Roll Top Backpack

The perfect choice for those who love classic pieces even in backpacks. This versatile roll up backpack is a perfect blend of style and functionality. 

Mentioned below are some other features of the Roll Top backpack. 

  • Adjustable, extra strong padded straps for comfort and durability. 

  • A durable wipe clean fabric base ensures long lasting use. 

  • Comfortably fits laptops up to 15 inches. 

  • Features a plain pattern suitable for all genders.

  • Zip and roll top closure for added security. 

  • This backpack has 14 litres capacity with 28 cm x 38 cm x 12cm dimensions.  

To avail of these benefits, shop Hype Olive Green Twin Handle Roll Top Backpack priced at GBP 34.99.

Black Backpack

The most versatile black backpack boasts a grab handle, making it comfortable to carry. Furthermore, the black backpack can also fit laptops up to 15 inches. 

Some other features of the iconic Black Backpack are listed below. 

  • Comes with a front pocket and branded inner lining. 

  • Available in three different colors black, maroon, and grey.

  • Padded straps. 

  • Crafted from 100 percent polyester.

  • The design is finished with the HYPE crest logo in black. 

  • Wipe clean only.

  • Durable and comes with a 42cm x 30cm x 12cm dimension.

You can buy Hype Black Backpack for just GBP 24.99.

Powder Blue Essential Backpack

This soft coloured backpack is the most stylish piece suitable for all genders. This unisex powder blue essential bag comes with a plain pattern made from high quality material. 

Following are some other core features of the backpack. 

  • Zip closure to ensure secure storage. 

  • Wipe clean only. 

  • Comes with a dimension of 31 cm x 47 cm x 16 cm.

  • Padded straps. 

  • Comes with a storage capacity of 18 litres. 

To avail of these features shop Hype Powder Blue Essential Backpack just for GBP 19.99.

These all were the best selling backpacks by Hype, come with trendy styles, offering comfort and practicality, both. Whether you are a young student entering the world of education or an adventure seeker, these backpacks are the perfect choice to carry your daily essentials.

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