Top 4 Women's Watches by William May

William May has been part of British jewelry for nearly 200 years, starting in 1825. This brand is proud of its long history. William May is not like a regular store; it has lots of unique new and old jewelry you won`t find elsewhere. Even though the brand is modern, it still traditionally cares about its customers. Whether you want a fancy watch, a cool accessory, or special jewelry, William May is here to help you find just what you need. 


Accessories that William May is good at:


- Fancy Watches

- Big Gold Bracelets & Necklaces

- Pretty Rings with Stones

- Sparkly Diamond Rings


So, here are the top 4 women’s watches by William May.

William May Top 4 Women’s Watches

At William May, it`s all about watches and jewelry. In the large collection of watches and jewelry, you`ll find the product that will truly impress you. So, if you`re looking for accessories that make a statement and enhance your style, look no further than William May.


Following are the William May top 4 women’s watches:


9ct Yellow Gold Enicar Dress Watch


The Vintage Enicar watch features a 9ct yellow gold construction with a charming champagne-colored dial. It`s from way back in 1966, so it`s got a cool old-school vibe. It`s a manual watch with a plexiglass face. Even though it`s so old, it still comes with a 6-month warranty. It comes in a small size, with a 170mm bracelet and 14mm case. This watch has its special charm and would make a great addition to anyone`s collection.


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If you want to wear a vintage manual watch buy this 9ct Yellow Gold Enicar Dress Watch priced at £395.


9ct Yellow Gold Tissot Dress Watch


Check out this vintage Tissot watch made up of 9ct yellow gold, featuring a striking gold-colored dial. It`s an old-fashioned manual watch from 1973 with plexiglass. It comes with a 3-month warranty. It comes in a small size, perfect for the wrist, with a 165mm bracelet and 18mm case. It doesn`t come with a box or papers, but it`s still a cool find for anyone who loves vintage stuff.


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If you like to wear smaller size watches buy this 9ct Yellow Gold Tissot Dress Watch priced at £750.


Tudor Black Bay 32 M79580-0001 2022 Watch


Here`s a brand new Tudor watch, It has a sleek stainless steel bracelet and a cool black dial. It`s an automatic watch, so you don`t have to wind it up. It comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you`re covered for a long time. This watch is in perfect condition, and it even comes with a box and paper. It comes in a smaller size, with a 32mm case and a 180mm bracelet, so it`ll look great on your wrist. Plus, it`s waterproof up to 150 meters, so you can wear it during swimming or snorkeling without worrying about the damage.



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To avail of these features in one watch buy this Tudor Black Bay 32 M79580-0001 2022 Watch priced at £1,497.


Cartier Ballon Bleu WE9009Z3 Watch


Check out this pre-owned Cartier watch, crafted from lustrous 18ct white gold and showcasing a sleek silver dial. This automatic watch is in very good condition, and it comes with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. With its sleek design and high-quality materials, it`s sure to make a stylish statement on any wrist.


For making a charming impression in meetings buy this Cartier Ballon Bleu WE9009Z3 Watch priced at £11,995.


William May offers a diverse range of contemporary and vintage watches, each watch projecting its charm and allure. Despite its modern approach, the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to traditional customer service values. 


Known for its unmatched commitment to quality, every watch in the collection is a testament to craftsmanship and refinement.


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